Prestige Proof Sets

The United States Mint Prestige Proof Set is a special format for the popular annual collector product. In addition to proof versions of each of the year's circulating coins, the sets also included the proof version of one or more of the year's commemorative coins.

The first of these sets was offered in 1983, shortly after the beginning of the modern commemorative coin era. The initial set would include the proof Lincoln Cent, Jefferson Nickel, Roosevelt Dime, Washington Quarter, and Kennedy Half Dollar, which were also part of the standard set. In addition, the 1983 Proof Olympic Silver Dollar was also included.

All six of the coins were presented in a deluxe style presentation case and accompanied by a certificate of authenticity. For the first year, the sets were offered at an initial price of $59.00 each and sold a total of 140,361 units.

Prestige Proof Set

This set the stage for future offerings of the Prestige Proof Set, which included each year's circulating coins in proof format and a proof commemorative silver dollar and/or half dollar.

Over the years, mintage levels for the special sets declined, setting the stage for the scarcer offerings which command a premium with collectors. The key set is the 1995, with a total mintage of only 55,000.

The final Prestige style set was offered in 1997 and included the Botanic Silver Dollar. These sets sold out of their limited production of 80,000 units.

Collectors can enjoy the challenge of assembling a complete collection of the United States Mint Prestige Proof Sets issued from 1983 to 1997. This site provides additional details on each set along with a selection of sets available for sale.
Prestige Proof Sets